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Todd Herman Show Notes: 6.8.2021

Flashback: Biden gets in heated exchange with oil worker

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WATCH: Appalling Sex Education for 1st Graders

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READ: Rantz: Seattle City Dept. defends vicious all-staff email labeling cops white supremacists

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WATCH: Fauci’s Doubletalk on Treatment, Lockdowns, Masks, Immunity, & More

READ: We may never know where the virus came from. But evidence still suggests nature.

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THINGPsaki to Doocy: Team Biden Won’t ‘Stand by’ and Allow ‘Attacks’ on Fauci Over His E-Mails

THING 2 Biden SNAPS, Challenges Voter To A Push-Up Contest

THING 3 Joe Biden tells autoworker he’s ‘full of s—‘ in tense gun rights argument

THING 4 Biden says he would ‘beat the hell’ out of Trump if they were still in high school

THING 5 Corn Pop Was A Bad Dude, But Joe Biden Wasn’t Scared


READ: State Lawmakers Are Trying to Ban Talk About Race in Schools

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READ: A detransitioner in agony recounts how gender doctors manipulated him into castration, hormones

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READ: Now EU bureaucrats tell us we can’t eat TOAST

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READ: UK must take back refugees despite Brexit, EU’s top court rules

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WATCH: Minneapolis’ ‘Defund police’ fallout: 14-year-old gunned down at grad party, 19-year-old shot at street race


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