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The Rivkin Center’s SummeRun & Walk for Ovarian Cancer

During the pandemic, nearly 10 million cancer screenings were missed. Early detection improves outcomes for all types of cancer, especially ovarian.

Ovarian cancer can be genetically linked to breast cancer. While breast cancer survival rates have improved, ovarian cancer remains the deadliest gynecological cancer and is underfunded by national funding agencies.

Ovarian cancer tends to be caught in later, less treatable stages, because its signs mimic common symptoms — abdominal pain, bloating, feeling full quickly, and a frequent need to urinate. While we all experience these occasionally, talk to your doctor if they’re severe or last for more than two weeks.

The Rivkin Center is a Seattle-based nonprofit fighting to end ovarian cancer. The organization funds ovarian cancer research around the world. The Rivkin Center also provides ovarian and breast health workshops in the community.

Join the race to end ovarian cancer at the Rivkin Center’s SummeRun & Walk for Ovarian Cancer on Sunday, July 11th. Register HERE!

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