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World’s ‘most sustainable high-rise apartment building’ to be built in Seattle

Render of 303 Battery, an apartment building to be built in downtown Seattle. (Photo courtesy of Sustainable Living Innovations)

A groundbreaking will take place Thursday in downtown Seattle, in the Belltown neighborhood, for what is said to be the “world’s most sustainable high-rise apartment building.”

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When completed, the 15-story “303 Battery” building will feature 112 units. It will be constructed using proprietary, tech-enabled building panels made in Washington, by Sustainable Living Innovations. The panels are pre-manufactured with electrical wiring, plumbing, and mechanical equipment pre-installed.

Centralized utility systems and other innovations save money and resources by reusing water and even the heat from used shower, dishwasher, and laundry water.

“After we’ve taken the heat out of it, we run it through a filter system, we clean it up, and we run it back up in the building as a supply line and we get to flush toilets with it, do laundry with it, and irrigate with it,” said Arlan Collins, CEO of Sustainable Living Innovations.

“We’ve built a very, very robust technology into our buildings,” he said.

The building is ISLI pre-certified as the world’s first net zero energy building.

Collins says the apartments should be available to rent by next summer. The smallest is 350 square feet, and the largest is 825 square feet. Some of the units in the Belltown building will be two bedrooms, and  90% of the units will be priced at a lower rent than most high-rise buildings downtown.

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Sustainable Living Innovations is a Seattle-based building technology company. The company employs more than 60 people and operates a showroom in Seattle and manufacturing facility in Tacoma.

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