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Todd Herman Show Notes: 6.11.2021

Vice President Kamala Harris waves goodbye prior boarding Air Force Two at Andrews Air Force Base, Md., Sunday, June 6, 2021, en route to Guatemala City.

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WATCH: Rantz: Teacher uses science class to label white middle schoolers privileged oppressors

WATCH: ACT For America on Twitter

READ: Oxfam training guide blames ‘privileged white women’ over root causes of sexual violence

WATCH: John Kerry Compliments Communist China

WATCH: John Kerry says U.S. is weighing sanctions on China solar over forced labor

READ: Legislature passes law to hold gun manufacturers liable for illegal use

WATCH: Fareed Zakaria: We Cannot Underestimate the Degree to Which the World has been impressed by the Vaccination Drive

READ: Alex Berenson on Twitter

READ: New York’s Vaccine Passport Could Cost Taxpayers $17 Million

READ: Rashida Tlaib Tweets ‘Freedom of Speech Doesn’t Exist for Muslim Women in Congress’ to her 1.4 Million Follower

WATCH: Rep. Gohmert Asks Whether Forest Service or BLM Can Alter Orbit of the Moon or the Earth to Fight Climate Change


WATCH: This Jeffrey Toobin “welcome back” clip, in its entirety, sets cringe records at levels I did not know existed

WATCH: CBS News: Cartels Exploiting ‘A Flood of Migrants To Move a River of Drugs’ Across the Border

READ: Inspector General Report Debunks Claim That Trump Tear-Gassed Protesters To Clear Lafayette Park For Photo Op

READ: Gov. Inslee names Feek as Employment Security Department head

READ: Alex Berensen on Twitter

WATCH: Acting OMB Director Refuses to Say that Biden’s Budget Will Not Fund Lab in Wuhan

READ: Ethical Skeptic on Twitter

READ: Alex Berensen on Twitter


THING 1 “Surge the border…you should come,” Biden 09/12/2019.

THING 2 Kamala Harris questioned by Lester Holt over border

THING 3 ABC, CBS Ignore Harris’s Border Blunder, Tout Her Snapping at Critics

THING 4 Outlandish MSNBC Claim: There’s No Crisis at the Southern Border

THING 5 Oh Please! ABC Spins Kamala Harris as ‘Clear,’ ‘Blunt,’ ‘Direct’ Border Hawk


READ: Progressive Wash state politician threatened to blow up school bus, called children ‘cowards’ as they fled

READ: Rantz: Multiple EEO, city complaints filed against Seattle dept. for ‘deranged’ anti-police email

READ: Toobin Returns to CNN: ‘There Is No Defense for My Conduct’

READ: Toobin on Being Fired from The New Yorker: ‘The Punishment Was Excessive

WATCH: Mother reads the sex ed curricula to the school board

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