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10 arrests at Port of Seattle terminal protest to block boat from unloading

Protesters at the Port of Seattle. (Photo courtesy of Kshama Sawant/Twitter)

Ten protesters blocking the entrance to a Port of Seattle terminal were arrested Thursday night.

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About 150 people described as pro-Palestinian were upset that an Israeli cargo ship was trying to be unloaded and were trying to prevent it from happening. Included in the group was Seattle City Councilmember Kshama Sawant, who tweeted about the protest.

Prior to the arrests, Port of Seattle officials said they had established a safe zone for the protesters.

The Northwest Seaport Alliance issued the following statement:

The Northwest Seaport Alliance respects the expression of first amendment rights and prioritizes the safety of both workers at our properties and those exercising their free speech rights.

The NWSA is the fourth-largest international seaport in the United States and keeping lanes of commerce open to international trade is essential to our region and country.

The ZIM San Diego is part of a regular service that calls Terminal 18, carrying routine import cargo from Asia, including medical and PPE equipment and picking up export cargo from our Washington exporters. Local retailers and businesses across the Midwest rely on the import cargo delivered by vessels to our terminals.

Port of Seattle Police and Seattle Police Department are providing a safe zone for protestors to ensure individual expression is protected and port operations are not impeded. We remain committed to close coordination with all stakeholders to ensure a safe environment for all.

After the arrests were made, the group was ordered to disperse.

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