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How Real Estate is Rapidly Adjusting with the Times, and Why You Need to Adjust with it

SPONSORED — You’ve been a homeowner for some years now, you’ve made your house a home, you’ve seen family and friends grow older and have had some of your best memories. And if you happen to live in King County, you’ve probably also seen your home climb meteorically to record home values. Congratulations!

But what if it’s time to move? Time to cash in on your equity, move to a more desirable location, live in a home that suits your current life better. When you bought this home, you may have used a real estate agent who was referred to you, an agent who was a friend or family member, or someone you met at an open house. Do you call that person again? Before you do, consider the rapid changes undergoing in the real estate market.

Real estate used to be simpler; put the house on the market, have a couple open houses, receive an offer, negotiate, deal. However, the market and the real estate industry has become much more complicated. The Seattle Times reported last month that the Puget Sound region’s housing market is “on steroids”. In March, the median King County home sold for $824,997. In such a hot market, it’s important to have a skilled real estate agent by your side.

Sellers and their agents oftentimes have multiple offers and it’s not just as simple as selecting the highest bidder. Many complexities weigh into the process and it’s important for your agent to understand and explain how each offer differs from the other. Agents these days must wear a lot of hats; broker, marketer, negotiator, contract writer, social media manager, etc. A long list of responsibilities is not suited for the traditional agent.

Luckily, the industry has adapted and sellers are taking full advantage of new real estate models.

One of which is Every Door Real Estate. If sellers choose to list with and put their home on the market, they can expect a white glove team approach aided by the latest technology. opted for a team approach to handle that long list of agent responsibilities. The result? They are the highest selling team in King County. Additionally, their website will guarantee you an offer on your home within 72 hours. All you need to do is enter your address. Sellers in King County have found the agents at Sold by Every Door to be high and away the most skilled, delivering the most money for your home and making the complicated process convenient.

So if you find yourself looking to move and sell your home, go to and try their advanced approach.

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