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wildfire smoke
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Wildfire smoke drifting in over Eastern Washington, Cascades

Smoke can be seen drifting down from Canada on Thursday. (Puget Sound Clean Air Agency)

We’re just getting over the extreme heat and now there’s evidence of wildfire smoke creeping in from Canada and California.

Statewide DNR burn ban enacted ahead of Fourth of July weekend

The Department of Ecology says smoke from British Columbia and California is expected to show up at ground level in Eastern Washington on Friday afternoon.

Air Quality is expected to diminish to “moderate” to “unhealthy” levels for sensitive groups by Saturday.

Winds could push out smoke on Sunday.

Areas in the Cascade mountains might see smoke at higher elevations and air quality could be “moderate” over the weekend.

The Puget Sound Clean Air Agency says smoke is not expected to reach ground level in Western Washington with an air forecast quality of “good” over the weekend.

Check the weather forecast

The NW Clean Air Agency says it is watching forecasts for Island, Skagit, and Whatcom counties to see what may develop over the weekend. Check the air quality monitors here.

The Ecology department says that it’s a good time to stock up on supplies such as MERV 13 filters for do-it-yourself box fan filters or upgrading your HVAC system.

“They fly off the shelf when the smoke gets bad,” the department wrote on its blog.

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