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Washington Lottery posts wrong winning numbers online

The Washington Lottery is apologizing for posting the wrong winning numbers online for the Washington State Lottery Veteran's Raffle on Wednesday. (AP Photo/file)

Lottery winners may have thrown out winning tickets thinking they were losers after the wrong numbers were posted online for a drawing on Wednesday.

The Washington State Lottery Veteran’s Raffle winning numbers were listed incorrectly online due to a computer glitch.

“There was a mix up in our computer system and the incorrect winning numbers were published,” says Washington State Lottery spokesman Arlen Harris.

Harris says they will be unable to pay those people that had tickets that looked like winners according to the incorrect numbers posted online.

“We have had one individual who came into our Everett office to claim a prize and we were unfortunately not able to pay him,” says Harris. “Obviously that person was very, very upset.”

Harris says he understands the mix up is very upsetting for players.

“My heart goes out to the people who received false information from us,” says Harris. “The Washington Lottery sincerely apologizes for the confusion.”

An auditor is being brought in to make sure this doesn’t happen again. The correct numbers are now posted online.

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