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Tom & Curley Show interrupted by a squirrel

(Photo by Samuel Corum/Getty Images)

In the middle of reading letters from listeners on Monday’s edition of KIRO Radio’s Tom & Curley Show, John Curley was interrupted by his dogs bringing a squirrel — that was not yet dead — inside his cabin.

He yells, and has to step away from the microphone. Tom Tangney and producer Jacob Rummel try to continue on in his absence.

When he returns, Curley asks us all to say a prayer for the squirrel.

“I’ve never killed anything in my life,” Curley said.

“That’s horrible. But that’s nature, right?” Curley added. “I feel bad because I kept saying, ‘get ’em, get the squirrel, guys, get ’em,’ figuring they’d never get the squirrel. They never get the — it’s a squirrel! Dogs and squirrels?”

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