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Who’s most likely to catch the flu in Washington?

According to a recent study, janitors are most likely to express some kind of flu symptoms. (AP Photo/file)

If you think health care workers and teachers are at the highest risk of getting the flu in Washington, you’d be wrong. The first-ever research into who gets the flu most in this state is out.

Janitors top the list for the most-likely to come down with the flu in Washington.

A study of nearly 9,000 people by Labor and Industries and the University of Washington finds they reported the most flu-like symptoms of any workers in this state. The study suggests they have the highest exposure because of their contact with contaminated workplace surfaces.

Secretaries are number two on the list. The Social Capital Review reports it’s because they come into more frequent contact with people who might be infected.

At the bottom of the list, truck drivers and construction workers. Why? Because they work alone.

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