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West Seattle residents reporting mystery hum

Residents in West Seattle are reporting an odd mystery hum is keeping them awake. (AP Photo/file)

Residents in West Seattle are reporting an odd mystery hum is keeping them awake.

Some residents find the sound oddly ominous. Many just want to know what it is.

“It’s kind of creepy. It creeps you out physically a little bit. It will keep you awake, because it’s peculiar. This noise is very odd, but we want to know. Tell us what it is,” resident Kay Kirkpatrick tells KING 5.

West Seattle Blog Editor Tracy Record says it’s not time to call Mulder and Scully just yet, but the noise is definitely real.

“This actually really is out there,” Record tells The Ross and Burbank Show. “There are rational people actually some of the readers that I’ve met in person and I know are not wearing tin-foil hats who have noticed this.”

In a post at the West Seatle Blog, Record says this isn’t the first time the sound has been heard. Back in 2009, the sound was heard by area residents, and she says the noise has been discussed on and off in WSB’s discussion forums.

“It sort of turns up now and then, but never in such force as a few days ago,” says Record.

After contacting the city, the Department of Planning and Development’s noise inspector told the WSB that to follow up on the sound they need a precise location to investigate.

One West Seattle Blog forum contributor who went out searching for the noise suggests the Lafarge plant on West Marginal Way may be to blame. When Record contacted the plant, she says they were open to investigating whether or not they were the source, and set up a contact line they plan to check daily for any noise reports that might be linked to their activity. Observances of the sound can be reported to the plant at (206) 336-0988.

Residents that would like to issue an official noise complaint with the city can direct them to the noise abatement coordinators at (206) 684-7843 or by email to [email protected]

Listen to Tracy Record on Ross and Burbank:

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