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King County voids woman’s marriage to corporation

Angela Marie Vogel is seen holding up her marriage license to Corporate Person with her bridal party on July 17. King County determined the license was void this week. (Image courtesy Initiative 103 Facebook page)

In a publicity stunt for Initiative 103, Angela Marie
Vogel married a Washington State Corporation. Now, King
County has torn up her marriage license and Vogel is
single once again.

The July 17 ceremony in Westlake Park was adorned with all
the wedding fanfare: A reverend, a bride in white, and a
statue that represented the “Corporate Person.”

Vogel’s over-dramatic sighs of love can be seen in a video of
the ceremony
between her and the corporation.

King County did receive the application for the marriage
license and determined the pair entering into marriage
didn’t meet the
of the two parties entering into the
civil contract. The county returned the $64 application

Vogel isn’t the first woman in Seattle to attempt a
marriage with a non-human. Babylonia
recently married a building under demolition in
Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood. Now a “widow,” Aivaz
intends to marry Yesler

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