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‘Jesus’ crab catches eye of Snohomish County family

Is this real or fake? A family says they just noticed it while watching some home video from a crabbing trip. (Photo courtesy John Canfield)

Okay. Here are the ground rules on this. NO ONE IS
happens to look like a common depiction of Jesus. It
looks a lot like it.

It could also look like the face of Osama bin Laden. It
depends on what you see, if you see anything at all.

So here’s the story. This is a still picture taken from a
video shot on a crabbing trip near Hat Island, near
Everett, last weekend.

The Canfield family was unloading a pot of crab into their
boat when the video-taker captured the underside of this
crab. I have seen the video.

There is no “oh my gosh would you look at that” dwelling
on the image. The person filming didn’t even notice. The
video continues on with the kids trying to catch crabs
that fell onto the deck. There is no stopping in amazement
like it was staged.

It wasn’t until the family watched the video after they
got home that they noticed the crab and the image on its
belly. And even as I write this line, I can hear the
conspiracy folks cranking up in my mind. The family threw
the crab back in the water because it was a female, not
legal to keep. So this crab is back at the bottom of Puget
Sound, unless someone else has caught it again. There is
no crab to study or discredit.

I know this family. Their sons have played on the baseball
teams that I coach. I trust them. As dad John Canfield
told me “we’re not that sophisticated” to come up with a
hoax. In fact, he didn’t even want to tell anyone what he
thought he saw on the video until he shared it with his
wife. I asked him about Photoshop. I asked him if the
family drew the face on the crab and dropped it in the
pot. John said “no,” and I believe him.

Again, his wife sent me the photo because she thought I’d
find it funny. We’re Catholics. These things are funny
to us. The Canfields are not claiming this is the face
of Jesus.

And if you choose to comment on this photo, please limit
your thoughts to what you see and do not go after the
Canfields. They aren’t making any claims. They just
wanted to share an interesting photo.

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