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AAA offering roadside assistance to Washington bike riders

AAA Washington will extend roadside assistance to bike riders starting July 1st. (AP Photo/file)

Whether you need a flat tire changed or run out of gas,
emergency roadside assistance services have become a must-
have for most drivers. And now AAA
is offering the service to bike riders in
our state as well.

The association says the emergency bicycle service will be
available to its more than one million members in
Washington and northern Idaho in British Columbia,
Washington, Oregon and Idaho.

AAA Washington’s new bicycle service works exactly like
its emergency road service for vehicles, according to a

“A member with a disabled bicycle due to mechanical
failure calls the AAA hotline (800-AAA-HELP) and AAA will
dispatch service. The member and their bicycle will be
transported to a safe location within the distance their
membership level allows: Classic – 5 miles, Plus – 100
miles, or Premier – 200 miles,” the association says.

AAA has been offering the bike assistance service in
Oregon and Southern Idaho since 2009. Other companies
offer it as well, including the Better World Club, a AAA
competitor which has offered the service nationwide for
nearly a decade.

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