Vape cartridges sold at Woodinville HS may have contained fentanyl

UPDATED: MAY 22, 2022 AT 8:59 AM
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As police are investigating the possibility of fentanyl found in cannabis vape cartridges sold at Woodinville High School, the time to discuss the risks of recreational drug use with students is now.

The school district alerted parents by e-mail of the investigation after they received reports that students grew sick from smoking vape cartridges sold by at least one other student.

As part of parenting, “you’re allowed to search your kids’ stuff,” AM 770 KTTH Host Bryan Suits said.

“If you suspect something, ask them, and then tell them, you know, ‘if you tell me the truth you’re not in trouble. If you lie to me and you’re doing it, it’s like triple-trouble, not double-trouble.'”

In the letter sent through e-mail by the Northshore School District, officials alerted parents of the tainted cartridges and stated the safety of the students is top priority.

“We want you to know this concern is being thoroughly investigated and the police are involved,” the letter said.

Police confirmed to the media one student turned in cartridges after hearing about the investigation, but there’s no number on how many students have purchased or were affected by the tainted cartridges.

“It’s no joke, if your kids are, if you suspect them of, vaping … there’s the one approach where you provide the cartridges for them, and say ‘do it in the house, go out in the back deck’ or whatever, that’s one thing,” Suits said.

“If you don’t and they’re doing it, they’re going to get it from someone else.”

But, perhaps there’s no such thing as recreational drugs anymore as drugmakers continue to add unknown illegal substances into everything, he said.