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Sex offender arrested for taking photos of girls at Federal Way Costco

(AP Photo/File)

Getting free samples at Costco may seem like a treat, but the Issaquah-based company just discovered one of the people contracted to hand out the goodies in Federal Way is a convicted sex offender.

Gregory O’Neall, 51, has been arrested again. An undercover agent conducting an online sting discovered O’Neall sharing photos of little girls he took while working at Costco and at several other places where girls would shop with their families.

According to the Tacoma News Tribune, the U.S. Attorney’s Office discovered more than a hundred photos taken by O’Neall. If convicted, he could face a minimum of 15 years in prison.

A spokesman for Costco said they have a policy against hiring convicted felons, including sex offenders. They do thorough background checks and require the same of their contract companies.

That apparently didn’t happen in this case. The Costco spokesman said they will be addressing the problem with the contractor, Warehouse Demo Services.

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