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Man admits he tried to run military officers off road

A man with an extensive criminal history and possible terrorist ties has admitted he tried to run two military recruiters off the road on I-5 near Northgate.

In a plea agreement, Michael McCright, also known as Mikhail Jihad, pleaded guilty to charges that will not count under the state’s three-strikes law. The Seattle Times reports McCright could have faced a life sentence if convicted under the three strikes rule.

Prosecutors will ask that a judge sentence McCright to four and a half years in prison for convictions on felony harassment and attempted malicious mischief.

One of the victims said McCright, 28, pulled alongside his car last July and when he saw one of the men was wearing a Marine uniform. McCright swerved, trying to force the Marine sergeant off the road. The recruiter was able to give police the driver’s license plate number.

Prosecutors say that when McCright was arrested, he was carrying a phone that was used to call a man busted for plotting to kill recruits at a Seattle military entrance processing station. That man, Abu Khalid Abdul-Latif faces trial in federal court in October.

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