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Prosecutors in Amanda Knox case under investigation

Italian prosecutors are under investigation for spending
nearly $250,000 on an animated video depicting the events
leading to Meredith Kercher’s murder.

Chief prosecutor Giuliano Mignini and his deputy, Manuela
Comodi, may have to pay back the public funds if the
British National Audit Office finds the video wasn’t
necessary for the 2009 trial in which Amanda Knox and her
Italian boyfriend were convicted.

CBS’s Sabina Castelfranco was in the courtroom when they
aired the video for the judge and jury.

“I was pretty shocked when I saw it because it’s basically
the representation of what the prosecution thought
happened. There was no evidence that actually any of it
was that way.”

According to The Telegraph, the 20
minute 3D video shows
Kercher being held down and stabbed by her co-defendants.

Knox and Raffaele Sollecito were found guilty in Kercher’s
murder and sentenced 26 and 25 years, respectively. After
spending four years behind bars, both were acquitted.

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