Rantz: Man unloads as Seattle Parking Enforcement tickets neighbors, but ignores homeless RVs

Aug 8, 2022, 6:00 PM | Updated: Aug 11, 2022, 8:45 am

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A Seattle resident unloaded on a Seattle Parking Enforcement officer for ticketing his neighbors, while completely ignoring the illegally parked homeless people nearby. He and his neighbors have had it and the conversation became heated.

The man confronted the enforcement officer after he saw her ticketing an illegally parked car in the Interbay neighborhood. Just around the block, however, an RV homeless encampment has grown to be untenable. But she won’t ticket any of them. Instead, she targets people who struggle to find parking in a neighborhood where it’s scarce.

He recorded the confrontation on his cell phone and hopes it starts a conversation on the double standard.

Why are taxpayers being targeted?

The Seattle resident, who asked to remain anonymous for fear of left-wing retribution, has had it. He’s witnessed the city targeting taxpayers with tickets while giving the nearby homeless encampment a pass.

“We see our cars are ticketed. And yet, around the same block, you’ll see a bunch of RVs, a bunch of abandoned vehicles, a bunch of drug abuse, a bunch of crime everywhere. Yet, there are no repercussions for them,” the man exclusively tells the Jason Rantz Show on KTTH.

He says he confronted the enforcement officer, cell phone in hand, about the double standard.

“I don’t deal with encampments. I’m parking enforcement,” she tells the man.

“Yeah, they’re parking on the street, too,” he replied.

‘Are you questioning how I’m doing my job?’

Seattle Parking Enforcement generally does not ticket homeless RVs or broken down cars.

The city of Seattle uses a specialty unit in partnership with the Seattle Police Department to provide outreach to encampments across the city. Homeless people are given 72 hours notice to either move or accept offers of shelter and services. Most times, the homeless just move — sometimes not far from their current location.

“So there’s a special unit that deals with that. I am not that special unit, so if you want to file a complaint, you need to go to the Find It, Fix It app and put in a complaint about the encampment,” the parking enforcement officer told the man.

But using the app to file a complaint is seldom met with action — certainly not within a reasonable amount of time. Indeed, the parking enforcement officer conceded to the man that they get “well over 500 complaints a day from citizens who are complaining.” It can take months to a year before certain encampments are swept, leaving residents frustrated.

The man expressed his frustration, prompting the parking enforcement officer to defensively respond, “Are you questioning how I’m doing my job?”

“If you have a complaint about the process, you need to contact the mayor’s office because we are under very strict regulations about how we are allowed to deal with encampments,” she said.

‘The homeless are getting more rights’ than taxpayers

The man acknowledges that he got heated during the confrontation, but said he and his neighbors lost their patience.

He places much of the blame on left-wing transplants who bring their politics to the city, which he believes has gotten “progressively worse” over the last several years. And rather than acknowledge what they’ve done to the city, they just ignore the problems.

“I know that there have been measures where people will want to clean up the city of Seattle, I voted for that. And then next thing you know, they canceled it because it is considered inhumane or whatever to get Seattle cleaned up. I swear, it feels like these people who commit crimes, the homeless, are getting more rights than actual [tax paying] citizens. And we’re paying for it,” he told the Jason Rantz Show on KTTH.

Forced to stay anonymous

The man feels forced into staying anonymous because of left-wing abuse he’d take if they knew who he was. In Seattle, he complains, anyone who calls out progressive policies on homelessness or drug use is attacked.

“This culture right here where they figure out who I am, they’re going to dox me. This city is a society where if you stand up for your rights as an American, if they don’t believe what you’re saying, they’re going to find you and want to get you fired. They want you to lose your job. They want you kicked out. They want to silence you. That’s how the liberals do it, that’s how Democrats do it,” he said.

He says everyone in the neighborhood is fed up with the crime coming from the encampment. But they, too, are too scared to say anything for fear that they’ll be targeted by activists.

‘What the city is doing to us is wrong’

The man is not ready to give up hope on the city, though he knows why people are. He’s noticed that the people who end up leaving Seattle are the ones who are pushing for policy changes. But he’s not ready to give up the fight.

“Fortunately, you know, I am tied to the city for so long that I don’t want to move away,” he said. “I still have hope for the city. But yeah, you deal with the BS the best way you can, you  know?”

He says he does feel bad that he unloaded on the parking enforcement officer, but the point needed to be made.

“She didn’t do anything wrong, but her job is wrong. What the city is doing to us is wrong,” he said.

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Rantz: Man unloads as Seattle Parking Enforcement tickets neighbors, but ignores homeless RVs