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Five accused of assistance in WSP trooper killing

Four more people will be arraigned Monday in Kitsap County for allegedly helping the man who murdered
Washington State Trooper Tony Radulescu.

The four were arrested late Friday, and they are facing charges of helping Josh Blake in the hours after he gunned-down Trooper Radulescu.

All four were reportedly at the home where Blake ditched his truck shortly after the shooting. One of them is an 18-year-old girl who was with Blake when the shooting happened.

Kitsap County Sheriff’s Sergeant Ken Dickinson told reporters detectives are looking for anyone who might have helped the 28-year-old after the shooting.

“When somebody has knowledge of a criminal act or helps to perpetuate that criminal act, which was in this case happening, then yes you become a part of that criminal act.”

Blake’s former girlfriend, Jessi Foster, was already arraigned on charges of helping him.

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