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Pastor calls for boycott of Starbucks for supporting gay marriage

A pastor is calling for a nationwide boycott of Starbucks because the company has said it supports same-sex marriage.

The call to action was released just a day before the Washington state Senate passed legislation that would legalize gay marriage. The House is also expected to pass the bill and Gov. Christine Gregoire has already announced her support.

Pastor Steven Andrew of USA Christian Ministries isn’t as enthusiastic as the governor, saying “Christians are upset with Starbucks for turning against God, but we are glad to know that Starbucks doesn’t pretend to be for Christians.”

He says 80 percent of Americans are Christian and the coffee giant could lose an enormous amount of business if every one of them refused to buy Starbucks (assuming they already drink coffee, that coffee is of the Starbucks brand, and they weren’t already boycotting over the loss of the SuperSonics to Oklahoma.)

Andrew also suggests Starbucks is falling out of fashion, but it’s news to the rest of America. As reported last week, Starbucks’ first-quarter earnings rose 10 percent. The Wall Street Journal also reports the company had the strongest holiday season in its history and sold over half-a-billion dollars worth of gift cards in December alone.

So if Andrew says “Starbucks can follow Satan if they want to,” what does that make the Starbucks coffee drinkers?

Starbucks is just one of more than 100 local companies to publicly support same-sex marriage. It’s also not alone in the backlash. Macy’s recently came under fire for its subtle message of support on the cover of its latest catalogue. In any case, Andrew, you’re going to be a busy guy if you plan on taking on Nike, Google, and the rest of those companies on the list.

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