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Puzzle creator brings mind-bending entertainment to Kindle

While app-games like Angry Birds are more puzzle-like than you’d imagine, one author says some of our favorite mind-bending activities are based on games from the past.

Founder of Puzzazz, Roy Leban told 97.3 KIRO FM’s GeekWire that the puzzles people love, and return to over and over, are hundreds of years old.

The corner of his business is puzzle e-books, or, “interactive puzzle books, if you want to call them something a little more ‘normal,'” said Leban.

“The idea is, we’re taking something that people are very familiar with and we’re delivering it in a new format,” said Leban.

He’s seen great success in his business, which at first started out as a puzzle website. Once they looked at the numbers and saw that people were visiting every day, they knew their would-be niche wouldn’t necessarily be taken over by the “angry birds” of the gaming and puzzle industry.

Where Puzzazz is really making strides is with the Kindle, which, according to Leban, can more easily meet the needs of puzzle fanatics everywhere.

Unlike companies that print large paperback puzzle books, they have more freedom to offer sample puzzles, “print” smaller books, and charge less.

“Great content makes a difference, people appreciate something that’s fun and that’s what makes a difference.”

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