Rantz: Lonely Seattle men get vasectomies to support women after Roe v Wade

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Lonely, permanently friend-zoned Seattle-area men are choosing vasectomies they likely don’t need as a political statement to support women after Roe v. Wade. It’s a sad and needlessly painful virtue signal.

A Planned Parenthood Northwest representative told KING 5 that they’ve seen a 34% increase in men getting vasectomies since Roe was overturned. It appears at least part of the reason for the uptick is politically motivated. The station interviewed one man who implied as much and a doctor who confirmed it.

“Just thinking about all of my friends this is going to affect made me want to do something,” the man, who got a vasectomy in July, explained.

Political vasectomies don’t make any sense

Planned Parenthood director of vasectomy services, Grace Shih, M.D., acknowledged some of the numbers are driven by “the change in our political climate” after abortion rights were given back to the states.

“I had another patient say they felt their partners’ rights were being taken away and getting a vasectomy is the least they could do,” Shih explained.

Actually, that’s about the most they can do. The least they can do is either abstain from sex or wear a condom.

A vasectomy makes sense for men who do not want to risk impregnating a woman. It makes less sense when undertaken for political purposes. It makes zero sense if the patients are coming from Washington.

Pregnancy clinic in Lynnwood vandalized with pro-abortion rights messages

Abortion access not at risk in Washington state

Though left-wing activists pretend otherwise, abortion access is not even remotely at risk in Washington state. The activists who claim otherwise are simply looking for a cause to get behind, unhappy that they’ve been left out of the fight for abortion access in conservative states.

Whether you’re in Seattle, Chelan, Ferndale, or Spokane, it’s easy to access abortion services. At most, you might have to drive an hour if you live in areas that don’t have much access to healthcare services, let alone abortion providers.

And there’s little stigma attached to abortion in the state. In Seattle, for example, the city council turned women seeking abortions (or women who have received one) into a protected class.

The only ones at risk are crisis pregnancy centers. They’ve been demonized locally and nationally. And despite what seems to be targeted attacks against these centers — for merely having the audacity to support a woman who wants to give birth — the feds seem less than eager to protect them.

Selfish virtue signaling

So what’s the point for a man to get a vasectomy purely as an act of solidarity in a state where women can get abortions? It’s not about supporting women at all. The men engaged in this just want you to think it’s about support.

This act is about earning credit for supporting women; it’s less about being an ally than it is earning social currency for being seen as an ally. There are many more ways to support women — if they think they need to be the knight in shining armor — that don’t involve surgery. Perhaps they can actually ask their progressive female friends for suggestions. They likely won’t request a vasectomy, at least not from the perspective of worrying those men will impregnate them. They swiped left on those dudes years ago and are quite comfortable going to concerts or brunch with you.

And if they’re hoping to be seen as a supporter of women purely for earning some extra points with their social circle, they were probably never allies.

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