Emergency planning for the worst-case scenario

Jun 8, 2023, 12:52 PM

SPONSORED – What would you do if you woke up in the middle of the night and heard an intruder in your kitchen?

Life or death decisions shouldn’t be made in a split second, something an increasing number of United States citizens are becoming aware of. Per a 2020 FEMA poll, 48% of Americans stated that they have created an emergency plan. Are you one of them?

If not, let’s change that today, and if so, feel free to compare notes while you bask in the glory of your ultra-preparedness. We spoke to John Holschen of West Coast Armory North about things to consider when preparing for the most common emergencies you might face.

Consider the alarming danger of other people. John of West Coast Armory North poses the question, “If you look outside and see someone breaking into your car, what are you going to do?” Consider it.

None of us want to lose our things, especially at the hands of another person. Feeling rage upon seeing this would be a perfectly natural emotion, but people are unpredictable, and you shouldn’t react out of pure anger. Weigh the risk versus the reward. There have been far too many instances of confrontation leading to serious injury or even death. You need to ask yourself if you’re comfortable risking your life over material possessions. In any case, call the police right away.

Now suppose that trespasser upgrades to an intruder, meaning they have entered your home. This is really when fight or flight mode kicks in.

Get into the closest room that can be locked and barricaded, hopefully with your cell phone in hand so you can hastily call 911. The goal is to delay the intruders’ access to you until authorities arrive. Try to stay calm and quiet. Consider ahead of time how you want to defend yourself in case confrontation becomes unavoidable.

This is what John calls the “last-ditch plan.” When considering how to plan for physical confrontation, first ask yourself, am I Mike Tyson circa the 1990s? If the answer is no, you should consider defensive tools. This really comes down to what makes you feel the safest, as well as what you are most comfortable with.

For some, this means pepper spray, for others, a baseball bat near the bed. If you want to take your self-defense to the next level, West Coast Armory North has a wide range of options.

They also offer a variety of classes, so contact John himself. He can teach you how to protect yourself, just in case you find yourself in need of a last-ditch plan.


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Emergency planning for the worst-case scenario