The Power of an Innovative Education

Jun 8, 2023, 11:11 AM

Innovative Education...

Parents and students in Washington state have the power to reimagine the K-12 educational experience. (Courtesy of K12 Inc)

(Courtesy of K12 Inc)

SPONSORED – Parents and students in Washington state have the power to reimagine the K-12 educational experience.

Insight School of Washington (ISWA), an online K-12 public school program in the Quillayute Valley School District, is an accredited, tuition-free online public school program for grades K–12. ISWA boasts a robust program of online, tuition-free public schooling to accommodate students’ diverse interests, create a learning environment that fits their needs, and encourages students to explore all aspects of their academic passions – from technology to business to the arts.

This innovative school model gives teachers, families, and students the freedom to explore their educational opportunities and build student academics through an education experience tailored to every child’s unique needs.

Online Education Option for Everyone

We hear a lot these days about the educational model of the last century – paperback books, classrooms, and recess. While this model is still thriving today and works for many students, not every child thrives in a full-time, in-person classroom.

That’s where ISWA comes in.

As an online public school, we’re seeing a diverse student base that serves kids from all backgrounds and life experiences. In fact, the populations served by online public schools are diverse, economically and culturally. A full 41% of students qualify for free or reduced lunch and 14% are special education students. Nearly 40% are students of color.

We have also seen growth in students enrolled in rural parts of the state, which exist in every one of Washington’s 39 counties.

There are many factors that attract rural students to ISWA’s school model. Reasons like economics and time factors. In rural parts of the state, travel time to and from the brick-and-mortar school can be lengthy, creating barriers for students to participate in extracurricular activities, such as a competitive sport or a theater or art program. For many families the cost of travel poses an insurmountable financial hurdle.

Across the state, parents are turning to ISWA to meet the unique needs of their children who may be highly capable and in need of a more rigorous course load, or students who have different abilities that learn better in a familiar and comfortable space.

And, some parents simply want an academic program that gives their kids the variety of experiences they believe will help them get a foothold into their passions and find new ways to learn and express themselves.

The truth is, online public school is available to everyone.

Innovative Learning, Connections

Across all grades, ISWA curriculum uses a blend of learning elements to accommodate multiple learning styles and maximize both the quality of lessons and the way they are delivered.
We have all heard that video games are taking away from student learning, but one innovative approach at ISWA is actually improving student outcomes and fostering student engagement.

The eSports program through ISWA is helping one student in Bothell excel from a “B” student to an “A” student. Riley Drew, a junior, explained how eSports, a competitive video game competition among high school peers, is changing how he and other students connect and illustrates the freedom to learn in new ways while building his academic and personal achievements.

Riley began his ISWA online schooling six months into the pandemic. In his words, he likes the independence and the educational model works well for him.

Not only does this out-of-the-box learning help students problem solve in new ways, it helps them connect and collaborate with their fellow students.

“I’ve met some of my best friends from this league team,” Riley said about the eSports competitive video league, which meets to practice three times a week.

This is just one example of the power of an innovative education – the ability to find ways to reach students that not only boost their academic performance but help them build social skills.

Preparing Students for Career Pathways

ISWA’s Career and College Prep offerings combine traditional high school academics with industry-relevant, career-focused electives, giving students a jump-start on their college and career goals.

We offer course concentrations in four in-demand career fields. ISWA students can take career-focused electives to explore their options and find their passion in these fields:

● Art & Communications
● Business & Marketing
● Information Technology (IT)
● Health Science

This early career intervention is something that attracts parents and students to ISWA. They see the benefit of engaging young adults in a variety of experiences and learning models to help them reach their goals today and into the future.

And, allowing students to explore what they may want to do after high school graduation while earning their high school diploma is an important part of ensuring not only academic success, but post-graduation success for students.

Open Minds, Open Opportunities

A ISWA education fosters an environment where educational excellence is priority and educational opportunities abound.

As a team, we offer families and students academic support and intervention, a homeroom advisory program, Star 360® Growth Assessments, and a wealth of other resources that build the foundation for a successful K-12 education.

Our hands-on, tailored learning model has been a tremendous success for thousands of students across Washington state, building confidence and building bridges to future endeavors.

Technology has opened parents’ minds to the diverse academic opportunities available to their students. Gone are the days when students had one school model to choose from.

ISWA is a reimagined educational experience that combines the rigor of traditional curricula with the modern learning tools.

We invite you to learn more about ISWA on our website. Enrollment is open.


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The Power of an Innovative Education