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What happened to global warming being a hoax?


Government temperature records go back 117 years, but they’re never shown anything like what we’ve been seeing lately. (AP)

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Government temperature records go back 117 years, but they’re never shown anything like this.

“We just came out of our fourteenth warmest month on record. That has not happened before in our period of record,” said one NOAA scientist.

14 record months! Surpassing even the dust bowl of the 1930s.

Which surprises me because wasn’t Global Warming supposed to be a hoax?

Weren’t professors like Berkeley’s Richard Muller telling us back in 2008 to be skeptical, especially of the idea that human activity was to blame?

“There will be some big hurricane somewhere and someone will say global warming or there will be an extra hot period in Europe and someone will say global warming. When they do that, they’re doing a combination of two things, one is cherry picking and the other is exaggeration,” said Muller.

Any variations were likely natural due to sunspots, or volcanoes. But suddenly in 2012, the message is very different.

A CNN report in 2012: “We’re able to rule out solar variability, able to rule out volcanos. When we tried fitting it to see whether it looked like carbon dioxide, it was right on,” said the report.

By the way, that’s a quote from the same Richard Muller who was so skeptical in 2008. He says sure you could argue it’s all a coincidence…”But it leads me to conclude that essentially all of this warming over the last 250, 260 years has been caused by green house gases emitted by humans,” said Muller.

It’s not fair, all those people who said it was a hoax, when’s the big reveal that Mother Nature was just kidding?

By Dave Ross, Ross and Burbank host

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