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Art: Stubborn So

Your favorite local Rock n’ Rollers, Stubborn Son, are back with BRAND NEW MUSIC!  This is actually a -two for the price of one type deal- as we get a COOL NEW music video along with the hot off the press single, “Blood On My Teeth”. I had a few questions for Stubborn Son about this new single and what we, loyal listener, could expect from the group in the near future.  Oh! Make sure to visit the Stubborn Son website for a FREE download of “Blood On My Teeth”.  Oh, Oh! Look for lil ‘ol me in the video. I made the cut!

the mixtape: “Blood On My Teeth” is a real upbeat, toe tapper of a song. Are you going in a bit of a different direction regarding the sound of Stubborn Son?

Stubborn Son: We like to start with the toes, and work our way up from there. So yes, we are heading in some new directions, but styles and sounds that are rooted in our Rock n’ Roll core. “Blood On My Teeth” was something that we have had percolating for a while. Lyrically, we have been having a lot of fun with lighter, more tongue-in-cheek topics and sonically, we starting to incorporate elements that we have been hearing in our heads for a while now. More dynamics, keys, synth, etc. Its been really inspiring to working through it all.

tm: You have 4 more singles that will be released beginning Jan. 2017. Is this all a build up to a brand new album in the new year?

SS: We are lining up some singles for the new year, in fact we are doing mixing right now as I write this. Our hope is to release something in January, but we will see about the actual timing. There are a lot of elements with this project and we want to make sure they are right where we want them before we release anything. That being said, it’s kinda of an internal struggle. We have all these new sounds and ideas that we are stoked to share right away, but we also want to make sure we stay true to the project we are making all of this for.

tm: What inspired the VHS style music video for “Blood On My Teeth”?

SS: “Blood On My Teeth” is a tongue-in-cheek response to the pain we sometimes endure to love someone and something. We absolutely love playing music and touring, but there can be some tough things about it. We thought the VHS style video was a way to sort of capture that for us and be able to share both the love and the work from our perspective. Also, as kids of the 80’s, VHS is how we grew up watching film, so it’s a bit of a fun nostalgia thing, too.

​Will you have music videos attached to your future single releases?

SS: Why yes sir, we will. That’s part of the overall plan for the release. I’d tell you all the juicy details, but then I’d have to make “the call” to “a friend” and you would need to be given “a talking to”.

tm: Cake or Pie?

SS: Cake, but it must be moist, very moist. None of that dry half-assed “excuse for cake” garbage. Also, Funfetti is preferred, but I’m told its now a “vintage” flavor and no longer produced.

tm: CD or Cassette?

SS: In honor of the presidential debates, Vinyl.

tm: Boxers or Briefs?

SS: Boxer Briefs, honestly they are the best of both wolds. Supports in alllllllllllll the right places.

tm: Headphones or Ear Buds?

SS: Headphones! I put mine on and that’s one place I can always go to relax, get away, and be inspired. They are a source of comfort for me, its my way of hiding out from the world. I love it! Not to mention, music is not meant to be shrunk down as small as possible to be a little tiny convenient thing to carry around. Its meant to be big, powerful, uncomfortable, riveting and captivating.


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