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The world’s most patriotic American hacker, the Jester, gives first ever radio interview

(File, Associated Press)

FBI agents call him the Batman of the internet.  He hacked ISIS after Charlie Hebdo and posted pictures of Muhammad.  He just recently hacked the Russian Foreign Ministry. His laptop is in the spy museum in D.C.

He’s the Jester and he joined the show last week.

Why Conservatives need to get better at direct action

He said it took him about 20 seconds to hack into the Russian Foreign Ministry website. No damage was done but it was designed to ruffle their feathers and to send a message to them to stay out of our Democratic process.

The Jester also says there is a big connection between WikiLeaks and Russia. He says Snowden may not be a Russian agent but he is a useful idiot and a giant narcissist. The Jester thinks Russia keeps the juicy stuff for themselves and gives WikiLeaks the scraps.

The Jester is sure that Putin definitely prefers Trump in the White House because he’s easily manipulatable. And that we are now living in a world with drastically serious threats of cyber-attack.

Listen to the full interview for all sorts of fascinating patriotic hacking facts!


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