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Photo by David Black Photography

I’m confident I’ve heard the name The Album Leaf at certain points over my 39 years of being alive. I’m even pretty sure I’ve had friends talk about or mention The Album Leaf to me within conversation. If memory serves, any and all discussion of The Album Leaf over my lifetime has always been complimentary. Still, I don’t know much about The Album Leaf. Until this moment, the band has not been listened to, by me. At least, knowingly. This is nothing against The Album Leaf as much as it is a matter of SOOO MANY BANDS IN EXISTENCE and some falling between the cracks of music love.

I am listening to the new album “Between Waves” from The Album Leaf right now. So good and so chill. I now have a new favorite band. You should listen to The Album Leaf and have a new favorite band, too.

See The Album Leaf December 14th with Rituals of Mine at Neumos

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