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Jaded 12’s? Market for Seahawks playoff game softer than past seasons

There were still tickets to the Seahawks' playoff game on Saturday a few days after they went on sale. (AP)

After several trips to the Super Bowl, it looks like 12’s aren’t nearly as excited about a first round playoff appearance. But for those who are, they’ll have to pay for it.

The Seahawks play the Lions at 5:30 p.m. on Saturday for the first game of the playoffs.

In past seasons, Seahawks playoff tickets have sold out almost instantly and resale prices were the highest in the league. But despite going on sale Sunday evening, there were still dozens of scattered seats available around CenturyLink Field for Saturday night’s playoff game against the Detroit Lions as of Tuesday morning.

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You can get in for as little as $195, albeit for seats at the very top of the stadium, according to the Seahawks official Ticketmaster site.

ESPN sports business analyst Darren Rovell reports the Seahawks have dropped some prices by nearly 30 percent in the last day.

You can even get 100 level seats for around $275. But club level seats will still run you more than $450.

Simply the fact that seats are even available at all speaks to at least a slight softening in the demand from previous seasons, perhaps indicating Seahawks fans won’t settle for a measly Wild Card round game when they’ve been so much farther.

Seahawks playoff tickets

While there may still be tickets available from the Seahawks, the secondary market has already started selling tickets for the Seahawks playoff game for sky high prices.

Some tickets on StubHub are selling for $2,000 each in the club level. There are other tickets going for even more. Two tickets, for example, close to the action at the Seahawks sideline are going for $3,000 each.

Most tickets on StubHub, however, are in the $600-900 range for the Seahawks vs. Lions game. The highest listed ticket for the game is $40,720 for a luxury suite.

When it comes to that secondary market, other playoff games are also going for high prices on StubHub, but maybe not as high as the first Seahawks playoff game.

The game between the Dolphins and the Steelers has some tickets on StubHub for as high as $2,000, but not many. Many are in the $300-600 range.

And as for the game between the Packers and the Giants, there are also some ticket prices beyond $1,000. There are plenty around $400-600.

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