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12s, CenturyLink
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Curley tries to rally 12s, demands louder games

John Curley is calling for a more raucous crowd if the Seahawks return to CenturyLink for the NFC Championship Game. (AP)

My son and I have been going to Seahawks games since 2009 and we’ve been admonished for not cheering or standing. Now it’s my turn.

I commend the guy right behind me for cheering, the guy right in front of me, not the guy to the right of him or everybody else in our row during Saturday’s playoff win. There was no cheering whatsoever. They were mostly on their phones taking selfies.

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If you come to the game we play an active part. If you’re a 12, cheer! If you’re in the front row and not being loud, sorry, you’re going to have to give up that spot. There is something you need to do as somebody who has paid hundreds of dollars per ticket in hundred-level seats.

If the day after a game it doesn’t sound like you were gargling with razor blades, you didn’t give enough. If people don’t think you are coming down with a cold, you didn’t give enough. And I also saw Saturday something I thought I’d never see: People cheering when we had the ball. We should be quiet as a church when Russell Wilson is in shotgun. And if people are cheering when we have the ball, I don’t want to live in that world.

I think part of our performance as 12s needs to be taking a hard look at ourselves and decide what we are as a team. Especially those people sitting next to me. You have to have energy. It’s not about eating hot dogs and sipping wine.

There were a couple times on the line where Michael Bennett was pumping up his arms telling everyone to GET UP and asking WHERE ARE YOU? They’re not doing it, they’re not yelling the way they normally yell. Either that or I’ve lost some of my adult hearing. It just doesn’t feel as loud.

We can all learn a little from my son. This is how it should be done.

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