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Bellevue Police Department sued by one of its officers

Did the Bellevue Police Department allow a hostile work environment to continue? A U.S. District Court suit claims one officer bragged about his sexual exploits around others. An offended officer is now suing. (Linda Thomas photo)

A Bellevue police officer is suing the department saying a fellow cop created a hostile workplace.

Officer Jan Auclair Trizuto’s complaint, filed in U.S. District Court, says the coworker spoke openly about his sexual experiences.

A source within the department supports officer Trizuoto’s claim. The source tells me the cop in question talked about his own body parts and compared himself with others.

Trizuto also claims the officer sent her sexually suggestive text messages, which she didn’t report because she feared retaliation.

In the 10-page complaint, obtained by KOMO TV, Officer Trizuoto says her supervisor intimidated her after she discussed the fellow officer’s inappropriate discussions about sexual exploits.

Bellevue has had a series of incidents reflect negatively on the police department, run by Chief Linda Pillo.

Two members of the command staff were demoted for extramarital affairs. Last year, two officers were disciplined for drunken behavior before, during and after they were tossed out of a Seahawks game at CenturyLink Field.

Meanwhile, investigators have made no progress in resolving two high profile cases:

Taxpayers support the mother of a missing Bellevue toddler

The disappearance of Sky Metalwala, whose mother reported the toddler disappeared after she left him in an unlocked car to get gas for her vehicle. They later determined there was nothing wrong with the car.

Police theory on severe beating of popular young man

The beating of J.D. Aylward, who suffered injuries so severe part of his skull had to be removed. One of the working theories, according to an inside source, is that the young man just fell.

The city manager, city council, and mayor have all voiced support for the Bellevue PD and its chief. I’ll check with them Monday to see if they have any concerns about the department in light of this additional issue.


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