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Listen to my jokes bomb while testifying in Olympia

I know, I know, you are already flooded with stories about House Bill 1361. You know, the one that impacts the following professions: animal massage therapist, auctioneer, boxing announcer, fish food or game fishing guide, landscaping architect, manicurist or horse teeth floater.

If you are one of those, as I am, you have to register in the state of Washington. This is the kind of oppression that will cause a lot of people to throw themselves onto a jerry-built raft, get into the current and hopefully make it to Florida.

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Anyway, if you’re in any of those occupations, you had to be registered, go through some licensing stuff and the state would somehow be able to follow up on whether you were doing a good job. The policy is about 40 years behind the times.

What HB 1361 tries to do is open this up to create a government website like Yelp, so the customers would actually be the ones that respond to whether or not the person is doing a good job. The number of people who complain about landscape architecture goes up every year single year, but how many times has the state sent somebody out to look? Answer: Zero.

Sounds smart, right? Tom Tangney says no. He’s wrong, but here’s why he thinks that.

But more important than Tom’s ignorance: I went up to Olympia to testify in front of the House Bill and Financial Services Committee. I cracked this zinger first:

It took a bit, but the joke eventually got there. Then I tried again:

Come on! That Lt. Brad Owens playing the saxophone is comedy gold. I have sold that so many times at different auctions – that is like right down the middle. One chuckle?

Maybe I should have taken a pie in the face and squirted Representative Kirby with some seltzer water. Maybe next time.

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