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Attributes of ‘the perfect woman’ defined and monetized

A dating website says it surveyed 5,000 Seattle men to find the attributes of the perfect woman. It also placed a monetary value on those qualities. (File photo)

The perfect woman is a brunette with blue eyes. She’s a casual drinker, doesn’t smoke, and has a Master’s Degree too, according to Seattle men who were supposedly interviewed for a dating website.

This information (aka break from serious, real news of the moment) comes from a site that calls itself the ‘world’s largest’ dating-auction website. I think they have page-view envy.

The PR company behind revealing ‘the perfect woman’ decided to put a price on the key qualities or vices of a woman that men find important.


In a press release, they also included a fabulous quote from the website’s CEO.

“A man’s desire is measured by the amount that he is willing to invest in an opportunity,” says Brandon Wade, the CEO and Founder of a website I’ve decide to call (Google the real name if you must).

“This is a perfect example of ‘putting your money where your mouth is,’ as these men date what they desire and have the means necessary to find their perfect woman.”

Good quote Brandon. Did I mention he’s the same guy behind the find your sugar daddy website?

Okay hot shot, monetize the perfect woman’s features.

Most Desirable Hair Color:
Brunette (+$140.94)
Blonde Hair (+$138.31)
Black Hair (+$137.27)
Red Hair (+$135.56)
Other (+$129.49)

Most Desirable Eye Color:
Blue Eyes (+$42.33)
Green Eyes (+$40.61)
Hazel Eyes (+$39.88)
Brown Eyes (+35.92)
Other (+30.76)

Casual Drinker (+17.52)
Social Drinker (+15.59)
Non-Drinker (+13.78)
Non-Smoker (+16.61)
Casual Smoker (+13.28)
Regular Smoker (+9.09)

Most Desirable Education
Master’s Degree (+30.17)
Bachelor’s Degree (+$28.31)
Doctorate Degree (+$27.65)
Associate’s Degree (+$21.25)
High-School Diploma (+$19.04)

Based on the results of this study, Seattle’s perception of the perfect woman is a brunette with blue eyes, a casual drinker who doesn’t smoke, who is a college graduate with a Master’s Degree. The most desirable female features altogether earn an average first date offer of $247.57.

I’ll be sure to calculate my value and have it added to my page in the binders full of women.

By LINDA THOMAS, worth exactly $243.08. Yeah.

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