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Todd Herman is not on the same page regarding ‘SwampCare’

This week Todd Herman asked the big question…

“Should Republicans buckle down and pass ‘SwampCare,’ or should conservatives hold the line and say ‘no?’”

Washington State Representative Cathy McMorris Rodger says conservatives should support the proposed American Health Care Act. This backs up claims from House Speaker Paul Ryan that everyone is “on the same page.” Todd Herman is not on that page.

“I’m of the opinion that this thing cannot pass as it exists now,” Todd claimed.

Paul Ryan was asked where members of Congress will get their health care. He stumbles to answer the question, and Todd informed his listeners what the correct answer to that question is.

“The same place you’re going to shove down our throats,” Todd said as if he were talking with Ryan. “With your essential benefits clause, that we all have to have insurance in case we decide to get a sex change. Yep, you’re going to pay for that. That a desperately a sick person has to get the same pricing as a remarkably healthy person, which is why your premiums are going to be up.”

Is this bill going to pass? Is it what America needs?

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