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First campaign ad for same-sex marriage

A Republican state senator is featured in the first commercial supporting marriage equality in Washington state, while Target and Amazon are the latest companies to endorse gay-marriage.

“I know a number of gay and lesbian couples that have been together for 40 years. I saw in these couples love, commitment, a sharing of a life together. Everything that makes for a good marriage,” says Cheryl Pflug, a state senator who represents the Maple Valley area.

“As a Republican I believe in freedom, and that includes the freedom to marry the person you love,” she says in the 30 second commercial that just started airing in Washington.

This commercial debuted on local TV during the London Olympics Opening Ceremony

The ads come after CEO Jeff Bezos and his wife MacKenzie donated $2.5 million to support the marriage equality in Washington state. The money will be used to campaign in favor of Referendum 74, which will appear on the November state-wide ballot.

Before the Bezos donation, those in favor of marriage equality had raised $2.3 million, compared with about $280,000 for opponents of same-sex marriage according to the Washington Public Disclosure Commission.

Marriage equality is far from being a Washington-only issue. Our state is one of four that will have same-sex marriage measures on the ballot in November. Nationally, companies are getting caught up in the debate – intentionally, or by accident.

Chick-fil-A has been widely criticized for its support of traditional marriage. Since the initial discussion about comments the Georgia-based restaurant chain made supporting the biblical definition of marriage, some politicians have supported Chief Operating Officer Dan Cathy and are organizing a Chick-fil-A appreciation day Wednesday.

With that controversy as a backdrop, Target has unveiled a campaign clearly supporting gay marriage. While Macy’s subtly endorsed same-sex marriage with a cake topper of two men who appeared in print advertisement, Target’s ad is bold.


Image courtesy Target

Target spokeswoman Molly Snyder said in a statement that the ad is part of Target’s broader commitment to “diversity and inclusion.”

If you wonder if boycotting companies based on a perceived political belief make a difference, Target might be proof it does. In 2010 the Minnesota-based retailer was the target of gay rights activists when the company donated money to a political group that endorsed a gubernatorial candidate who opposed same-sex marriage.

Since then, Target has launched numerous pro-equality campaigns, including its latest ad featuring two men.


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