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Multiple RVs burn at Snohomish storage facility

A two-alarm fire caused part of a shed to collapse and destroy or damage about a dozen RVs. (KIRO 7)

SNOHOMISH, Wash. — It started just after 3 a.m. Thursday at Snohomish Storage at 2020 Bickford Ave.

A caretaker who lives at the site called firefighters and some people who live in the area reported hearing explosions.

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Ron Simmons, Fire Chief for Snohomish Fire District 4, said the explosions were likely from propane tanks on RVs.

The two-alarm fire caused part of one shed to collapse and destroyed or damaged about a dozen RVs, according to what a KIRO 7 photographer saw at the scene.

Simmons said that at this time of year, people are starting to get their RVs out and are moving things around. Some RVs are kept plugged in throughout the winter and some have portable heaters inside.

Fire officials will be looking at surveillance video and entry logs, but until firefighters are able to remove a sheet metal roof off a building at daylight, they won’t be able to get inside to evaluate the fire and survey the damage.

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