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Sara Nelson, city council
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Co-founder of Fremont Brewing wants to help craft city policy

Sara Nelson. (Contributed)

The race for Seattle mayor isn’t the only one heating up in the city.

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City Council Position 8, which is up for grabs as councilmember Tim Burgess’ term comes to an end, has garnered at least as much interest as the mayor’s race.

Sara Nelson, co-founder of Fremont Brewing, filed this week. She told Seattle’s Morning News the city could benefit from her real-life experience.

But what motivated her to run?

“As a small neighborhood business owner, I am able to put my progressive values to work every day,” she responded. “My husband and I [who started Fremont Brewing] … provide excellent benefits, our employees make above minimum wage, we have a family leave policy, free ORCA card, etc.”

She says she knows how to implement — in a more workable way — values. She also says she is an “environmental leader.”

Nelson worked for former councilmember Richard Conlin for about 10 years. Kshama Sawant defeated Conlin in 2013. Nelson wrote, developed, and promoted environmental policy when “Seattle was at the cutting edge of climate and zero waste policies.”

“I brought that back to the brewery,” she added.

Though the current city council is already progressive, Nelson says there is no one on the council who represents small business owners.

“We [small business owners] create jobs, support the economy, give back to the community, and we create goods and services that make the city a vibrant place to live,” she said.

She calls herself a “common sense Progressive,” “who knows how to get things done that has a broad range of experience.”

Listen to the entire conversation with Nelson below.

According to Seattle’s Ethics and Elections Commission website, the following people have filed for City Council Position 8:

Ryan Asbert, Hisam Goueli, Jon Grant, Mac S. McGregor, Teresa Mosqueda, Rudy Pantoja, James Passey, Sheley Secrest, Charlene Strong.

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