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Nasty nickname for Amazon employees

South Lake Union has changed dramatically in the past year. Until recently, geese around the lakes were the only pests. Now, some long-time workers say Amazon employees are more annoying.

Rogue flyers went up yesterday in the Seattle neighborhood, and have been taken down by this morning, defining the thousands of Amazon employees who now work in South Lake Union as “Am-holes.”

What makes someone an Am-hole? Here’s a definition via an “Am-hole Quiz” from one of the flyers KING 5 News snagged:

1. Think this neighborhood started with your arrival?

2. Do you walk 6 people wide on the sidewalk chatting about Amazon crap and not let others pass?

3. Can you barely resist snapping your fingers at service people in the area? (yeah, they notice)

4. Do you think sexy is contrived casual attire, arrogance, and talking/smelling like a used car salesman?

5. Do you not realize that you are working for an updated version of Sears and Roebuck so you should check yourself?

6. Do you believe for a second that you you are not a highly expendable cog in the corporate Amazon machine?

“Answer yes to any of the above? Boom! You are an Am-hole!” the upset flyer writer says, “To those of you Amazon people that act friendly and normal, thank you and we’re glad you’re here.”


The company refers to employees as Amazonians on a sign inside its South Lake Union campus

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