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British tabloids still follow Amanda Knox

British newspapers have photographers trailing Amanda Knox capturing all of her “firsts” since being released from prison in October. A first boyfriend, and now preparing for her first holiday home in Seattle.


The Mirror reports:

As the 24-year-old prepares for her first Christmas at home after four years behind bars, she beamed as a fan took the picture in her home town of Seattle, Washington…But having landed a million dollar book deal and her new boyfriend James Terrano since her release, Miss Knox appears to have put her troubles behind her.

She met with friends in Pioneer Square on Friday for a meal before joining Mr Terrano to do some Christmas shopping.

The couple then had dinner at a Chinese restaurant before heading back to the apartment she has rented since returning to the US after her release.

Same photo, slightly different story from The Daily Mail:

It has been a long and traumatic journey, but after spending four years behind bars for a crime she did not commit Amanda Knox looks like she is finally having some fun.

Knox, who was jailed for the murder of her flat mate in Italy in 2007, stepped out of her shabby new pad in Seattle with boyfriend James Terrano and spent some time with friends this weekend.

The 24-year-old looked care-free and happy as she smiled broadly after being asked to pose for pictures by a fan.

A source close to the family told the National Enquirer that she had fallen ‘head over heels’ with the classical guitar student.

Miss Knox moved into his shabby $1,400-a-month apartment above a Chinese restaurant in Seattle’s Chinatown shortly after her return to the country.

Knox family spokesman David Marriott says “as usual” the British tabloids have it all wrong.

“The photo is not of a ‘fan’ and Amanda but an old college friend of hers. There is no ‘trial marriage’ with James. And she isn’t living with James. She shares an apartment with a long time (female) friend,” Marriott says. “The British tabloids quote sources that frankly don’t exist. As we know from their history, they are particularly confortable making up quotes from people and even describing situation that haven’t occurred.”


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So far, local media organizations are sticking to their pledge to leave Amanda Knox alone . Knox shows up twice on my top 10 News Chick stories for 2011. Thursday, I’ll recap and defend my top stories of the year.

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