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Someone has to yank President Trump’s security clearance

President Donald Trump is spilling secrets big league.

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President Trump revealed highly classified information to two Russian diplomats in the Oval office last week.

The report implied it happened as he was bragging about how great our intel is.

Now, it may turn out to have been a carefully calculated, highly strategic move that will enhance our national security like you’ve never seen.

But whatever he disclosed, it has left even some Republicans worried that our allies and even the CIA itself are just not going to send sensitive information to the White House anymore.

There’s only one solution: Someone has to yank his security clearance.

You say, Dave, who is going to yank the president’s security clearance?

President Trump should.

“Why are these people with great knowledge of the inner workings of our country and security, why are they giving Hillary Clinton briefings?” he said July 27, 2016.

He understands the importance of keeping your mouth shut.

“I know, at some point, they’re going to be calling and they’re going to want to brief me, but I’m not a talker about this stuff,” he explained.

Trump was determined to save us from someone who simply stored a secret improperly.

“I don’t think it’s safe to have Hillary Clinton be briefed on national security because the word will get out.”

Trump must now yank his own security clearance for 90 days until he can undergo extreme vetting.

But Dave, you say, that’s silly! Just impeach him!

Sorry. The standard for impeachment in America is lying about sex under oath. Say what you want, this president has been more than candid when it comes to sex.

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