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Amanda Knox Halloween costume attire

A Halloween site that promotes “hip” costume ideas describes how to create an Amanda Knox look for parties at the end of the month.

You knew someone would do it.

“If you are a young, cute white girl with no tattoos, the obvious choice for 2011 is an Amanda Knox costume,” writes, which also has suggestions for Casey Anthony attire.


(AP file photo)

The description:

To rock your Knox, you need a green shirt, a black hooded jacket and a small chain necklace with a pendant. Apparently, the only mail-order catalog available in “carcere” is “la belle Lands End.” Beloved of mom jean-wearers everywhere, it looks like Knox has gotten her whole outfit from the Lands End outfitter store.

Her shirt seems to be the green cotton modal top and the black coat seems to be a black wool swing coat. Any women’s dress black wool coat would be fine for this costume. A small silver chain necklace with a pendant, like a small butterfly or star, would round out the outfit.

Of course, for a true Amanda Knox Halloween costume the real effort is in the details. Carry a book on “How to Learn Italian” or “Corriere della Sera” newspaper and be sure to tell your Halloween hosts “grazie.” Practice turning cartwheels and doing the splits, as Knox was said to have done in the police station during questioning.

Of more consequence, CBS News is producing a special 48 Hours report on the Amanda Knox case. They’ll air “exclusive video diaries” Saturday night that they say shed light on Knox’s life in Prison. CBS says it has evidence that Amanda was repeatedly called out of her cell and sexually harassed. The video diaries come from Knox’s friend, Madison Paxton, who moved to Perugia, Italy to visit Amanda daily.

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