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BrickCon: Lego geek heaven in Seattle

It’s easy to dismiss BrickCon as being a geek fest. Look closer at the billions of Lego brick creations and you’ll see there are masterful engineers and creative geniuses behind the displays. Lego creators might also be some of the most patient people on earth.

IMG 4157

A Lord of the Rings Lego “Tower of Orthanc.”

IMG 4187 Breann Sledge of Seward, AK and her LEGO Bionicle Dragon

Not all Lego geeks are guys! Breann Sledge of Seward, Alaska and her Lego Bionicle dragon.

IMG 4185 - Dragon

IMG 4227 - Hogwarts

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry from Harry Potter is always an attraction.

IMG 4247 - Church

A Lego church, bride and groom.

IMG 4233 - Brickcon 2011 crowd

Long lines, huge crowd, billions of Lego bricks for the 2011 convention in Seattle over the weekend. Photos by my husband Tony Thomas, who took our Lego-loving son to BrickCon.

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