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Columbia City
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Parking changes coming to Columbia City


Trying to park in Seattle’s Columbia City neighborhood is like an ongoing game of Frogger. After many complaints about limited parking, and a year of parking studies, Seattle is making a few changes to remedy the situation:

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• More paid parking and new time limits (2-3 hours) to improve turnover in the most congested areas of the neighborhood.
• Expanded Restricting Parking Zone (RPZ) 29 to prevent long-term parking on residential streets by those who don’t live or work in the area.
• Adding new parking spaces on South Ferdinand Street near CC Bakery, but these will be RPZ 29 parking spaces, so you can’t use them for overnight parking.
• Improving circulation on long blocks east of 39th Ave South by providing vehicles room to yield to oncoming traffic.

Neighbors are concerned about everything from losing free overnight parking to having more parking overall. Residents can send their RPZ comments to [email protected] by July 21 or attend the Public Hearing on July 19 at 6 p.m. at Rainier Arts. Find out more on the project here.

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