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3 steps to building the perfect Bloody Mary

SPONSORED — If you’ve ever wanted an excuse to drink before 5 p.m., you can thank the Bloody Mary. With its nutritional profile of tomato juice, celery and spicy seasonings, this is one cocktail that’s made itself famous as the perfect brunch accoutrement.

The drink, which according to Esquire Magazine celebrates a long and storied past, was first mixed in Paris’s Harry’s New York Bar in the 1920’s, when bartender Ferdinand Petiot began experimenting with vodka for his prohibition-thirsty American customers. Emigrants escaping the Russian revolution brought the liquor into France and, when he combined it with American canned tomato juice, Petiot found a winning combination.

Today, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a bartender who can’t mix the classic cocktail – or some signature variation of it – with ease. The concoction is just as simple at home, provided you know exactly what goes into the perfect Bloody Mary.

Choose the right alcohol

If you’re looking for a basic recipe for a Bloody Mary, it’s simple: vodka and tomato juice are the drink’s non-negotiable ingredients. Not just any vodka will do. If you want to wow your brunch – or any-time-of-day – guests, choose a variety made for the Bloody Mary. Recently, Demitri’s Gourmet Mixes and Bloody Mary Seasonings and Heritage Distilling Company introduced the industry’s first seasoned vodka, a foundation for the perfect Bloody Mary.

“I’ve always loved using infused vodkas for my Bloody Marys, so I got together with my friends at Heritage Distilling Company to create my own, infused vodka with fresh rosemary and thyme, roasted garlic, black pepper, sundried tomatoes and some additional secret ingredients,” said Demitri Pallis, founder of Demitri’s Gourmet Mixes and Bloody Mary Seasonings. “If you love a tasty Bloody Mary, this vodka takes it to the next and final level. Now everyone can enjoy a hand-crafted quality Bloody Mary that’s ‘Perfect Every Time, In No Time’.”

Spice it up

Worcestershire sauce, hot sauce, lemon juice, salt and pepper are your basic non-negotiables. Depending on your palate, you might want to spice things up (pardon the pun). Keep your guests guessing by adding horseradish, San Marzano tomatoes, gourmet dill pickles, capers or even chipotle peppers. When selecting spices, think about ways to garnish the finished product. A celery stick is an obvious addition, and pulls double duty as a stir stick. Slices of lemon, lime or sprinkles of fresh herbs make for a beautiful (and tasty) presentation.

Roll, don’t shake (or stir)

If anyone catches you shaking a Bloody Mary, they’ll know you’re a novice. Shaking a Bloody Mary causes the tomato juice to foam, according to Serious Eats. Instead, mix the ingredients in a glass filled with ice, then roll the combination from one glass to another until it’s good and chilled. (Serving it over ice will cause the ice to melt too quickly, making the cocktail a watery, tasteless mess in no time.) Strain the chilled drink into a glass with fresh ice.

For more information on Demitri’s Seasoned Vodka, and making the perfect Bloody Mary, visit Heritage Distilling.

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