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Honorary street for Dave Niehaus

It’s easier to get an honorary street named after the late, great Mariners broadcast announcer Dave Niehaus, than it is to have a street named for former star player Ken Griffey Junior.

The Seattle City Council is drafting an ordinance to give an honorary name to a one block of First Avenue South in front of the ball park from Edgar Martinez Drive to Royal Brougham. The honorary name will be “Dave Niehaus Way.”

DaveSince it’s an honorary name, businesses on that block will not have to change their addresses. They’ll still have 1st Avenue addresses, although they can add Dave Niehaus Way name if they choose.

The honorary street signs will be brown and will not replace the green street signs. They’ll be in addition to the current street designation. The new signs are being printed now, courtesy of the Mariner’s organization. The council will introduce and vote on the honorary name April 4, with the signs installed by the Mariners’ home opener April 8.

Glen Garnett was behind both the Griffey street name effort , which did not get belted out of the park, and the honorary street for Niehaus.

“We, The Mariner fans, want to thank Sally Clark for spearheading this issue and expediting this though the City Council,” Garnett says. “I will see you all at opening day.”

Clark says she’s a Mariner’s fan and Dave Niehaus defined baseball for the city. She doesn’t expect any resistance to the honorary street name.

“Baseball is pretty simple. You come out, you have a good time, you watch people play their hearts out and Dave’s voice has been a part of that for many years,” Clark says. “People who’ve chimed in have been enthusiastic about it.”

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