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I can’t not enjoy the song ‘Come To Life’ from L.A.’s Jessica Fleischer aka LOTS OF LOVE. It’s sunny, upbeat pop that makes me forget that a long cold winter is just around the corner.

From the Press Release…

As you may expect from the name, many of LOTS OF LOVE’s songs deal with the subject of love; not so much the act of being in love, but more the classic themes of unrequited love and wanting love. Asked to choose the song that best represents her as an artist, Jessica references the stripped down number “I Think It’s Called Love,” explaining “It gets into my personal experiences moving beyond those feelings of frustration and desire, and towards a realization that everything is okay the way it is.”

Download ‘Come To Life’ here and learn more about the woman behind the music.

Jessica’s full length From the Start will be coming at you in early 2013.


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