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New Music: Platinum Unicorn Collection


Before starting her own label, Mal Harper was a snowboarder by day and party promoter for the Bay area kids by night. Now two years on and 25 releases deep, Mal has every reason to celebrate MalLabel, the brand she has been able to procure and expand in just a small amount of time which now boasts some of the most original and diverse underground bass music artists from around the globe. Platinum Unicorn Collection is an anthology of the label’s most successful work from over the years and it’s also a testament to the amount of talent and ambition of not only the artists but everyone behind the label as well.

If you have absolutely no idea about dubstep and want to get ahead of the curve with artists you have no idea about (but should), I suggest Platinum Unicorn Collection to whet your appetite. Upon first listen your brain will be left in shambles (that’s a good thing) and I promise that you will be bass hunting for days to come, searching far and wide for your next head hurting high.



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