BC sled dog killer tried to get help

Feb 3, 2011, 2:34 AM | Updated: Mar 28, 2011, 3:46 pm

The man who admits he killed 100 sled dogs in British Columbia says he asked an animal welfare group to intervene, but instead of checking out facility the SPCA believed the company owner who told them everything was okay.

Earlier this week we reported that dogs were shot dead after an expected post-Olympics boom in dog sledding business at Outdoor Adventures Whistler didn’t happen. The employee who was charged with killing the dogs now says he’s suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder as he things about shooting the animals, some of which suffered greatly.

The man says sent a complaint to the BC SPCA last summer asking them to check on the health and welfare of the dogs at Outdoor Adventures. The SPCA never visited the dog sled business, and instead relied on report from the company owner who said the dogs were in good condition, according to the Vancouver Sun. The newspaper obtained a copy of the employee’s July 12, 2010 complaint, and shared it with me. In it he writes:

I counted over 20 empty buckets of water last night before going to bed. I will be updating you daily with this info. The staff are leaving at 4-5:00 and many dogs are drinking all their water in the evening leaving them no water overnight and sometimes until noon the next day.

Whistler dogsledding now has no senior staff with any experience in the field of dog care looking after a herd of over 200 animals. This is and should be a big concern for you as the most experienced staffer has less than 3 years experience. Many dogs are digging deep holes, lick spots are showing up more and we have a bad bacterial infection caused by stress that is not healing well in these conditions on one dog.

Your attention to this matter is critical at this point as I feel with my experience I can tell when things are going south. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to speed up some action against the primary caregiver as this in not tolerable anymore.

The Outdoor Adventures website says their sled dog services have been suspended, but they still have a photo gallery up on the site that includes these pictures of content-looking Siberian Husky dogs.



Photos from Outdoor Adventures Whistler

The company’s website says, “OAW is shocked and appalled by the events described in the Workers’ Compensation Board ruling issued late last week related to Howling Dog Tours Whistler Inc. Contrary to media reports, OAW did not instruct the employee to euthanize the dogs in the manner described in the report. The employee in question was the General Manager of Howling Dog Tours Whistler Inc. at the time and is the Founder and long-time operator of that business.”

They have not returned my requests for an interview. The case is now under review by a task force Premier Gordon Campbell appointed yesterday.

Keep up with the story through the Vancouver Sun reporter Kim Pemberton’s blog .

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BC sled dog killer tried to get help