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What prompted “boring” shout at Bainbridge Symphony?

bugs3It’s the shout heard round the world…well, at least the classical music world…well, at least on Bainbridge Island.

Police responded to the Bainbridge Symphony after a woman yelled “boring” during a recent performance, then refused to leave until cops escorted her out.

Veteran journalist and arts aficionado Dave Ross is intrigued.

Listen to Dave and Luke search for the tune that sparked a symphonic outburst

“We subscribe to ballet, opera, and many Seattle Symphony performances. And I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve sat in a seat that cost me $124 and have zoned off on occasion.”

But his musical curiosity was piqued enough to probe what composition could have provoked such an unprecedented outburst (suffice it to say Luke has only heard of them if they appeared in Looney Tunes…”kill the wabbit…”)

Among the selections:

Bizet’s Carmen Suit

Nope. Couldn’t be that one. “It’s bullfighting, its Les Toreadors, it’s glamorous women smoking cigarettes,” says Dave.

Perhaps it was Brahm’s Academic Festival Overture?

“This is grandiose, this is majestic,” exclaims Dave (who proudly sang the piece in the Cornell Glee club, the rocking-est glee club in the Ivy League.) So scratch that one.

But wait, we just might have a winner:

“It’s beautiful but it’s a little sleepy,” observes a yawning Luke.

Dave says it “sounds like the kind of music you play over the credits of a Julia Roberts movie.”

So perhaps one musical mystery has been solved. But another remains. What caused the outburst in the first place?

The Kitsap Sun reports the woman had a professional “rivalry” with the new conductor, and her daughter was performing in the orchestra.

Luke has his own theory.

“This seems like the kind of thing one would do after one had had one too many chardonnays at the pre-concert wine fete (good thing they don’t sell Four Loko.)”

-Josh Kerns/97.3 KIRO FM (I don’t know art but I know what I like)

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